Imagine how much you can fine tune your viewing pleasure, based on YOUR requirements, not a cable companies.  With the VS2 Box, all of your content is provided, streaming directly to your TV.

Have you ever had your heart set on a movie you really want to watch, go on Netflix to watch your movie, only to find out the movie isn't on there to watch?  Or another streaming service that wants to charge you to watch your movie?  That will be a thing of the past with the VS2.  You can find any movie or TV show you want to watch, and watch it when you want to on demand.


It’s time to cut the cord on high priced cable and satellite TV.  Be your own cable company.  You be the one in control over your TV viewing.  This is the future of home entertainment and you can own it today.

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Product Highlights:

* The VS2 TV Box works with any TV, old or new, and turns your TV into an internet connected Smart TV.
* No Contracts – No Subscriptions Required – No Monthly Fees – Unlimited Content – Live TV, Live Sports, Pay-Per-Views.
* Save Hours Searching for Content – Get Instant Access to Content – 1000’s of HD Movies and TV Shows.
* Save Money on Not Having to go to the Movies, Not Needing to Subscribe to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.
* 100 Times better than Netflix – Get Every Movie - Every TV show - Programs from HBO and Showtime weeks before Netflix – No Buffering - No Commercials.
* 1000 Time Better than Cable and Satellite TV - Freedom from High Cable Bills - On Demand Viewing – You get to Watch What You Want When You Want To.
* The VS2 TV Media Center Empowers People and This is Fun – Saves Time – Saves Money – No Hassles.
* This Streaming TV Media Center has it ALL – Make the Smart Decision on the Latest Most Advanced Streaming Media Player on the Market.



Have a favorite movie or TV show you're looking for?  Just enter the name in the search and instantly pull it up on your TV.  If you want to check your email, go on FaceBook, Twitter or YouTube, you can do that too.  The VS2 Box turns any TV into an internet connected smart TV.  Another feature not found anywhere else.  If you have surround sound, you won't believe how much better it sounds, so crisp and clean.

The VS2 TV Box is the most technologically advanced streaming media device in the industry today.  The technology is not new, but highly advanced and much improved with this box.  It really is a technological wonder that you'll definitely want to experience.


TV SHOWS: Watch all your favorite shows, all seasons, all episodes - commercial free!
PREMIUM CHANNELS: Watch all of your favorite shows from HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Stars, etc!
MOVIES: Watch 1000's of both old and current movies in HD - even movies still playing in theaters!
SPORTS: Get every game from every team including NFL Football, MLB Baseball, NBA Basketball, NHL Hockey, as well as college games!  Watch WWE, MMA, UFC, HBO & Showtime Boxing events in full HD with no buffering!
KIDS: Endless entertainment for kids of all ages!
MUSIC: Loaded with Jukebox, Jango, Pandora, Shoutcast, Vevo and many more preloaded addons!
GAMES: Play 1000's of arcade and android video games!
INTERNATIONAL: Watch TV channels, Shows, Movies and Sports live from over 50 nations!
APPS: 1000's of different games like Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Cut the Rope, Minecraft, etc.  Check your email, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and surf the net.  Work on Word, Excel, PDF’s and even PowerPoint documents.  All applications can be simply downloaded directly from Google Play!
PARENTAL CONTROLS: This is also available to block adult and mature content.
ALSO INCLUDED: A wireless mouse and keyboard are included to make it even easier to search for your favorite programs and content.  There is also a built in HD webcam on the front of the box, perfect to use for Skype, Facetime, and video calls from the comfort of your couch.  No more having to sit in front of a computer screen to video chat.
CUSTOMER SUPPORT: There will always be someone to help you make your VS2 TV experience great and as smooth as possible!
GUARANTEE/RETURN POLICY: We offer you a 30 day money back guarantee and one year warranty on all VS2 TV boxes.

​Live TV/Channels:

You can watch hundreds of live TV stations from all over North America, and the world.  Plus, you can watch all the channels you get on cable or satellite TV, most in HD.  To see the available channels, and more info on watching live TV programming,                               

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* 100,000+ Movies and TV Shows with No Commercials
* Brand New Movies That Are Playing Theaters
* Every Episodes of Every TV Show - Even Current Shows
* Over 1000 Live Worldwide TV Channels in HD
* Live Worldwide Sporting Events and Games 
* Over 500 Live Global Radio Stations
* Music On Demand - Listen to Any Song
* Wireless Connect Wi-Fi Ready
* Network Sharing
* Instant Portable Hot Spot
* Remote Control with Voice Command
* Wireless Mouse and Keyboard
* Built in HD Webcam
* USB & SD/Flash Memory Slots
* HDMI Output
* A/V RCA Output
* Music Jukebox
* Completely Portable
* Works Anywhere
* Works with Any TV
* All For A One-Time Low Price