Your VS2 TV Box comes pre-programmed with our exclusive software and programs, and pre-installed with over 1200 of the 
best apps and addons.  This box is fully loaded and ready to go.  Just hook it up, turn it on, and start watching TV!
We provide the most comprehensive support and updates to make sure your ultimate home entertainment center has all the 
updated channels, apps and addons.  We are constantly maintaining the network to provide you with information on the best 
possible sources.  Not only do other boxes have slower processors, but they don't provide the necessary proper updates to 
give you continual and optimal programming.

For Firmware Updates, which are very similar to an update for your cell phone, we are always working on new software to 
enhance your VS2 TV Box and viewing experience.  The last thing you want to do is buy a generic box that will never be 
updated.  It might work for a few months, and then suddenly stop.  Leaving you with nothing more than an expensive paper 

The VS2 TV Box provides you with several custom channel lists for easy viewing of movies, TV shows, sports and more.  The 
addons and channel lists are updated weekly to ensure you always have the best programming available.


Going on vacation?  Simply unplug your VS2 TV Box and take it with you.  It's completely portable and works anywhere 
worldwide.  All you need is a TV and high speed internet connection.  No need to pay for hotel movie packages.  With this 
box, it will allow you to take control of your entertainment, even while on the road!


The VS2 TV Box includes several layers of security for maximum protection.  There is a exclusive proprietary firmware that 
can be updated in an instant through an easy download directly to your box.  A custom coded version of Kodi has been 
designed to run faster and more dependably than the free, open-source version that many other boxes use.  It can be 
updated automatically without your need to do much of anything but turn on the box and click on the Kodi app.  There is 
also a security-enabled wizard that will only function with the physical motherboard, proprietary firmware, and our custom 
version of Kodi.  We have a custom remote control designed just for the VS2 Box with every option you need to get the full 
functionality out of your viewing experience.


FACTS - Our VS2 product vs Other media products:

First, we have a proprietary firmware that can be updated in an instant through an easy download directly to your box.  
This keeps everything on you VS2 Box up to date, and gives you all the latest apps, addons, channels and electronic 
program guides (EPG).
Second, we have our own custom coded version of Kodi that is designed specifically for the VS2 Box to make it run faster 
and more dependably than the free, open-source version that many other boxes use.  We can even auto update your Kodi file 
without needing you to do anything but turn on the box and click on Kodi.
Third, we have a security enabled wizard that will only function with our physical motherboard, our proprietary firmware, 
and our custom version of Kodi.  This keeps your VS2 Box extremely secure, free from hacks and viruses.

There are other streaming media boxes floating around out there being sold online, many for much less.  But you must 
understand, these other boxes are cheap, and have nothing on the VS2 Box.  With the other boxes, all they come with is 
basic software installed.  Sure, you can watch some programming with it, but not even 20% of what you can get with the VS2 
Box.  On the other boxes, you have to go online to download all the programs, apps and addons, install them onto the box, 
and keep updating them all the time whenever a newer version of any of the software, apps, or addons comes out.  If you 
are not very tech savvy and know how to do all of this, you can kill the box, then giving you nothing but a paper weight.  
With the VS2 TV Box, we have done all of this for you.  Our box comes fully loaded with all the programs, channels, apps 
and addons you will ever need.  And when any of these have a newer version, your box will auto update and install the 
latest version so your box will always be up to date on everything.  With our exclusive private channels, apps and addons,
you will minimize buffering time to almost zero.  On other boxes, live feeds are often unwatchable.  Custom Channel list for Movies, TV Shows, and Sports in HD.  The channel list is updated weekly to ensure you always have the best programming available.

The VS2 TV Box is made with high grade aluminum housing — most others are made of cheap plastic.
The VS2 TV Box comes standard with our exclusive proprietary firmware with built in auto update and remote access 
Have you ever tried to watch a live TV stream on your computer?  You might notice that the video is choppy, lags or is 
constantly buffering.  You will experience none of these issues with the VS2 TV Box.
The VS2 TV Box is the ultimate digital streaming media box you will ever need in your life.

Here is an our product vs their product comparison:

A durable and stylish aluminum casing
Android 4.4 operating system
Quad core processor
Powerful browser
Accelerated graphics
DDR3 2GB memory
Can support multiple video and file formats
Highly-compatible with accessories such as USB mouse, keyboard, and QWERTY remote
Access to Email, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, YouTube and all of the internet
Built in HD webcam
User-friendly interface

Some require additional accessories to gain access to shows offered on cable TV.
They are restricted only to specific locations.
Other devices do not offer dual-view functions.
DVR functions are not offered.
There is a considerable amount of lag when streaming content.
They are not made well.
The available contents is limited.
Many are riddled by bugs and susceptible to viruses.
Their customer support is poor.
They do not offer a guarantee and warranty.


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