>>  How much is the VS2 TV Box and how do I get one?

The suggested retail price of the VS2 Box is $399.  For the time being, we are offering a discount on the VS2 Box, and are currently selling it for $385 plus shipping.  You can also receive additional discounts if you purchase more than one box in an order.  2 boxes = $380  3 boxes = $370  4 boxes = $360  5 boxes = $350  10 or more boxes = $300.  Due to the high demand of the VS2 Box, we will keep as many units in stock as we can, however, supplies can be limited at times.

**********  ORDER YOUR VS2 TV MEDIA CENTER BOX HERE  =====>>>>>     

>>  How many TV's will the VS2 Box work on?

The VS2 Box will work on any TV.  However, you will need a separate VS2 box for each TV you want to watch it's content on.  If you hook the VS2 Box up to more than one TV, you will get the same program on both TV's.  The VS2 Box is very small and portable.  So it's easy to move it from TV to TV.

>>  Do I still need to subscribe to my cable or satellite service provider, or pay any extra fees?

No.  You do not need a subscription to any TV provider for TV service.  All you need is a high speed internet connection.  With the VS2 TV Box, there are no contracts, no subscriptions required, and no monthly fees.  You will be free to cut the cord on cable and satellite TV.

>>  How fast does my internet have to be?

You should have a reliable high speed internet connect for the VS2 Box.  We recommend at least 10 mbps (megabites) for a clear picture and optimum performance.  You can use either Ethernet or Wi-Fi to connect to the internet.

>>  Can I receive my local TV stations?

In some cases yes, and some no.  It varies by area.  While there are many local broadcast stations from multiple areas on the VS2 Box, your local stations might not be included in the channels.  More and more local stations from different areas are being added to the VS2 Box every week.  So if your local channels aren't on it today, they may be added soon.  However, all of the network stations, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CW, etc are all available on the VS2 Box from many different areas.  You can always receive your local stations over the air with a HD antenna.  For more info on Live TV stations on the VS2 Box,                               

>>  How does the auto update feature work on the VS2 Box?

When there are updates, or newer versions of programs and apps for your VS2 box, you don't have to download and install them yourself.  The VS2 has a program pre installed to auto update everything for you.  This works similar to a smart phone.  When there are updates for your cell phone, you can either have them auto update, or notify you of the update.  It is the same with the VS2 box.  In most cases it updates seamlessly and you don't even know it happened.  In some cases you will get a message on your screen telling you there is a new update available.  Simply follow those instructions to install the update.  It is as simple as turning your VS2 box off, then back on, and open the Kodi app.

>>  Are the other streaming media boxes being sold online like the VS2 TV Box?

No, not at all.  Yes, there are some similarities, they both stream content from the internet.  But that is where the similarities stop.  They do not come fully loaded and pre installed with all the programs, apps and channels that the VS2 box does.  They do not come with an on screen EPG TV Guide already installed.  And they do not auto update like the VS2 box does.  With these other boxes, you have to download and install everything yourself to be able to watch content.  Then you have to constantly do this over and over again when there are new updates.  There are typically several updates each week, and we are adding new apps and channels to the VS2 box all the time.  With the other boxes, you'll have to do a lot of work, with very little time being left available to watch the content on your TV.  If you don't know how to do all this, you can end up with a dead box.  You are much better off going with a VS2 TV Media Center Box.

>>  Is the VS2 TV Box legal to buy and use?

Yes, most definitely.  “Streaming” media is viewing content that already exists on the Internet.  Streaming, or watching without downloading, is legal.  However, saving, downloading or uploading of copyrighted material  is illegal, copying and selling copyrighted material is illegal.  The VS2 box does not download, upload, copy, save or store any data or media.  The VS2 TV Box has no association with the websites that host media.  The VS2 box only connects to websites to stream data.  Movies, TV shows, sporting events and music are all types of data that can be streamed by the device, and are available to be viewed, but are never downloaded, stored, copied or retained.  Accessing streamed content online is 100% legal.  Streaming media is the ability to view content that already exists on the internet.  When you are streaming a TV show or movie, you are not downloading it, and are never in possession of it.  Once the TV show or movie is done streaming, all of the data from that stream is gone from your box.  It is legal because copyrighted materials are not being recorded, downloaded, saved, stored or captured in any way.  This device simply streams content that is already available on the internet.

>>  For more information on the legality of streaming media on the VS2 TV Box, and to read our disclaimer, 


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