The number of American households ditching cable and satellite TV in favor of OTT streaming or pay-as-you-go services is steadily climbing.  New alternatives seem to be popping up all over, as more and more people become frustrated and downright pissed off with their TV providers, and paying the over priced high fees for bundled packages that include many “junk” channels that they are just not interested in.  How many times have you sat down on your couch, turned on your TV, flipped through all 150 cable channels, only to find there was nothing good on worth watching?  Those days can now be a thing of the past.  Are you ready to make a change and stop paying for channels you don’t want?  And stop paying for crappy service?  I mean, who likes to pay for cable or satellite fees anyway.  Especially when they are always going up each year.  So, now you can finally kick your TV service provider to the curb, stop paying them all of your hard earned money, and save over $1000.00 per year!!!  And, if you are a big Pay-Per-View Movie or Sports Event viewer, save hundreds more per year!!!

Imagine, cutting the cord on cable and satellite, and cutting out that bill by over a thousand dollars on average every year.  Now you can with our new advanced streaming media technology.  No more service outages, no more cable box problems, no more huge cable and satellite TV bills, no more buffering, delays, choppy picture, etc.  Our new box provides nothing but the best in TV and home entertainment!  Movies, sports, live TV, you name it.  HD and 3D even 4K resolution on any TV with all programming available.  Sound good?  You've got to check this out for yourself.  

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​Introducing the VS2 TV Media Center Box!  This is a like a mini computer box that turns any TV into a Smart TV on steroids.  It streams programming in HD with absolutely no subscriptions, no contracts, and best of all, no monthly fees.  The VS2 TV Box will give people access to all movies, all TV shows, all live sporting events and games, live streams of your favorite TV channels, plus a whole lot more in beautiful HD!

What is VS2 TV Media Center Box?

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Millennium Electronics Proudly Introduces

​The VS2 TV Box is a high quality Streaming Media Player that seamlessly combines live TV and the best in streaming entertainment.

A VS2 box, in short, is basically a smart TV box that streams content from the internet to your TV in HD (when available) using either your Ethernet or secured Wi-Fi internet connection.  It is powered by Android, and plugs directly into the HDMI port of your existing High Definition TV (or A/V ports on non-HDTV's).  It will turn any TV into a fully functional home computer (in other words: a Smart TV).  No commercials, no pop-up ads, no malware or viruses.

Now, you can seamlessly stream all of your favorite movies, TV shows, sports, live TV channels, pay-per-view, music and more, with just your TV and internet connection.  And did we mention that there are no contracts, no subscriptions required, and no monthly fees!  The VS2 TV streaming media box will replace your existing cable or satellite TV subscription, and erase all those monthly TV service bills, saving you thousands of dollars every year off TV service, pay-per-views, movie rentals, DVDs and streaming subscription packages.

With the VS2 Box, we provide our customers with the ultimate home theater experience and TV viewing.  Our streaming media box, powered by Android, are the best and newest wave of streaming media technology, allowing users to watch their favorite TV channels, shows, movies and sporting events without having to pay a monthly subscription or having any monthly bill!  Start streaming your favorite TV programming today!  The VS2 TV Box is "plug & play", meaning it's completely pre-programmed and ready for your viewing.  Just hook it up to your TV, turn it on, and watch TV.  We are so sure that you will be very happy with a VS2 TV Box purchase!  You will be able to watch what you want when you want.  This is the technology the cable and satellite TV companies don’t want you to know about!​

​​In the modern era of home TV entertainment, people all over the world are sick of the cable and satellite monopolies.  Let me ask you: Are you tired of the lack of control you have in the type of value you receive for your hard-earned money?  Are you tired of paying for programming that you don’t even watch?  Are you sure you're getting the best value for your home entertainment dollars?  Does your cable company/TV provider offer you excellent customer service?  Most people would answer "No" to all of those questions.  The TV providers have monopolized our monies long enough!  Their outdated business practices that most of them share, like not allowing us to pick our programming, and then setting a fair price for those choices.  Nope, instead they have us pick a package designed by them that usually only includes about 20% percent of what we really want, along with crappy service.  Then they pile on all of the extra fees and equipment charges, and 80% of our money is monopolized by services we didn’t really want!  Wouldn't you agree that is very poor business practices, and the lowest form of customer service?

Have you ever been in this scenario: I’m sifting through some bills and finally get to the cable bill - Yikes, $150 Bucks!  Are you f***ing kidding me?!  Are you like us, just sick and tired of paying outrageous monthly cable bills for your under performing TV service?  Are you sick and tired of their sky high prices and terrible customer service?  Are you tired of having to take a day off work just to wait around all day for the “cable guy” to come and install or repair your service?  And then in many cases, not even show up at all.  I mean $150 dollars a month for all this crap, really?  Nobody likes to pay the cable or satellite subscriptions, which continue to go up higher and higher every year.  Bait you with initial discounts and long term contracts, then hammers you with huge rate increases after that term is up.

If there was only a way we could fight back and finally kick our TV service providers and that cable bill to the curb.....  That would be pretty cool, right?  If you agree, then you will without a doubt understand and absolutely love what we're about to share with you next!

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How It Works:

Our groundbreaking technology and software loaded into every VS2 box, it scans servers across the globe to bring you thousands of live TV channels, including network TV stations, movie channels, news channels, kids channels, music channels, live sports, international channels, full movie packages, adult channels and much, much more.  Plus all the unlimited amount of on demand content.  Watch everything - virtually any movie ever made, every episode of every TV show commercial free, concerts, pay-per-view events, sports, premium movie channels and so much more.  If you can think of it, you can stream it.  There really are no limits with your VS2 Box.

The VS2 box essentially makes the entire internet your personal home theater.  If the content is hosted on the internet anywhere, and pretty much everything is out there somewhere on the net, the box will scan worldwide servers and you will have instant access to it.  This means you can watch what you want when you want, plus all TV shows without any commercials.

Along with all of the preloaded programs, apps, and addons, this smart box gives you no fee access to just about anything you want to watch in HD!  It is one of the many things that set the VS2 Box apart from the competition.

Save thousands of dollars every year.  No need for movie rentals, DVD's, streaming subscription packages, expensive cable TV packages, PPV and On Demand sucking your wallet dry.  With our VS2 TV streaming device, you can eliminate your pricey monthly cable bill and satellite TV subscription services.  Replace all your devices with the smartest, most advanced set top box available, the VS2.